What PNM says about health danger

PNM is trying to cover up the health dangers of the new “smart” electric meters by doublespeak and misinformation. In what follows, I refute several of their lies and deceptive statements.

  1. “Radiation emitted by smart meters is below limits set by the FCC,” says PNM.


Existing FCC standards are disastrously inadequate. Current standards, which are decades old and based solely on protecting against prompt thermal effects (heating of tissue), fail to take into consideration long-term and cumulative exposures to these devices and their potential non-thermal health impacts (e.g., latent cancers).

U.S. standards for EMF exposure lag well behind much of the world. For example, FCC exposure limits allow one hundred times as much radiation as allowed in Russia, most of Eastern Europe, China, Switzerland, Brazil, and other countries.

  1. “Radiation from smart meters is below levels produced by cell phones,” according to PNM.


PNM’s claim is flatly false. Daniel Hirsch, California radiation expert, informs us that one smart meter provides the full body radiation exposure of 160 cell phones. PNM’s false claims are based on two central errors: (1) they fail to take into account duty cycles (cell phones can be turned off, but “smart” meters emit 24/7 around the clock); and (2) they fail to utilize the same units (they should compare everything in terms of cumulative whole body exposure). The exposure from a Smart Meter at 3 feet is more than two orders of magnitude (one hundred times) greater than that of a cell phone.

  1. “No credible evidence shows any threat to human health from RF emissions at or below RF exposure limits developed by the FCC,” claims PNM.


This simply ignores the massive amount of evidence to the contrary. Multiple scientific studies have shown DNA damage, threefold incidence of brain cancers (fourfold for teenagers), neurological disorders, and other adverse health effects at exposure levels many times lower than existing FCC limits.

  1. “The meters the company is proposing emit less radio frequency than a baby monitor,” says PNM.


Who says that baby monitors are safe? Baby monitors, like DECT wireless telephones, emit “continuous pulse waves,” which are more dangerous than non-pulsed waves. The Council of Europe (Resolution 1815) warns against the “potential health risks of DECT wireless telephones, baby monitors and other domestic appliances which emit continuous pulse waves.”

  1. “The meters proposed by PNM emit non-ionizing low-level radiation,” says PNM.


It is precisely the low-level, non-ionizing radiation effects that have been shown by scientists such as Henry Lai, Franz Adlkofer, Martin Blank, and others to be associated with cancer, neurological disorders (such as autism and Alzheimer’s), as well as a weakening of the blood-brain barrier (thus increasing vulnerability to other toxins in the body). Recent Italian studies have demonstrated how low-level, low frequency EMFs interact with other carcinogens to produce new cancers, including brain cancer and breast cancer.

  1. “EMFs, including the microwave frequencies emitted by smart meters, exist naturally in the world, so why worry?” says PNM.


Yes, but new technologies are adding man-made EMFs in the RF and microwave frequencies at an alarming rate—billions of times greater than those naturally present in the world. By proliferation of EMFs on this scale, wireless industries are creating unnecessary health dangers. At the very least, the principle of precaution should be applied.

The current recommended maximum exposure guidance level for man-made RF and microwave radiation is over a trillion times the natural level we were exposed to less than a hundred years ago. Assuming that the human organism evolved in such a way as to accommodate the pre-smart-meter, pre-cell-phone levels, can we also assume that increasing those levels a trillion times is safe?

PNM is saying that since small levels of RF and microwave radiation already exist in the environment, it is safe to add billions of times more. This is like saying that since X-rays and gamma rays naturally exist, it is safe to irradiate people with billions of times as much as that present by nature. Lies like this are hazardous to our health.

Phil Alethes, Ph.D.