The CAUS Mission

Mission Statement:

We are a group of concerned citizens joining together to create a completely smart meter free township in order to preserve the health and safety of our citizens.

We believe that pulsed-field utility meters pose a threat to our health, safety, privacy, and well-being and that every person has the right to personal privacy and a healthy, safe environment in their own home.

Our Goals are:

–To educate ourselves about the effects of “smart” meters and about how to prevent and reverse the installation of them in our town.

–To share information and raise public awareness about what we have learned.

–To engage in honest and productive discourse with our elected officials about the benefits of creating a “smart” meter free township.

–To act together as a community on our Constitutional rights to preserve and maintain a safe and private home that is free of  utility “smart” meters and other violations of personal and community rights.

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