Go to the CAUS Facebook page:

Talk by Thomas Linzey to a Santa Fe audience on laying the ground for significant change via a Community Bill of Rights. This is a revolutionary movement that could totally change the playing field. A must watch !  Excuse the gritty video – it’s well worth the eye strain.



Great site that pretty much sums it up – great to send to legislators and other officials.

Here are two sites that have lots of information on the Smart Meter Issue worldwide.


smart water meter education network

This is a letter from a scientist that addressed the smart meter situation in a city in Iowa (around 10K population) which was similar to Silver City’s “roll-out”. The first link is to his resume (to establish his “credibility”) and the second link is to the actual letter, the last part, particularly, is succinct and, I feel, applicable to the situation here in New Mexico.



Here is a position statement by the ACLU (Vermont) re: Privacy issues and their stand on a citizen’s choice of having a smart meter:

One can also look up ACLU’s of different States. Here’s a few links that may be a good start:





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