Ammunition / Evidence of RF effects

Ammunition / Evidence of RF effects

Below is a quote from an article titled: “There Is Plenty of Evidence Showing Harm from Radiofrequency Radiation!”

In case the embedded links in the quote don’t work, here is the link to the original article where you will be able to click on the embedded links.

“A big problem even from people who believe RFR causes health effects is common use of the phrase ‘no evidence of health risk is not the same as saying they are safe [whether smart meters or cell phones].’ While the phrase on its face is obviously true, in the case and context of RFR exposure there is plenty of evidence of health risk. Using this pat phrase buys into the industry cover-up [or at least denial]. Today Kevin Mottus in California sent out a new compilation of over 900 published peer-reviewed studies showing adverse effects from RFR exposure. The studies are organized in three categories and linked here. There are 700 Cell Phone Studies, 78 Cell Tower Studies and 136 WiFi & Device Studies listed. The listings contain an index by health effect type, and for each article the legal journal citation and an abstract with adverse health effects highlighted.

The next time someone on the street, in a regulatory body or in court tells you there is a lack of evidence, let them know they are sadly misinformed, in denial or outright lying. And then provide them with these lists.”


More detailed info defining types of “smart” meters and their effects.


Forms and letters to distribute

Here are the forms we have developed for you to use in spreading the word and advocating for your rights. They are PDFs & docs which can be downloaded and printed.

3 Simple Things – Instructions, pre-written letters and where to send.

3 simple things for Silver City & Santa Fe residents: .doc – packet instructions 5-27-16 NMPRC and PNM Letters 5-27-16  yellow sticker single
3 simple things for Silver City & Santa Fe residents: .pdf – SMFree packet 5-28-16




Smart B&W flyer (how to compose and send a refusal for water meters to the town)

Do Not install (Put this on your water meter after sending the notice of refusal to the town)

meters 4  (Letter to the Silver City Community re: Smart water Meters are not compulsory)

PNM refusal letter  (Legal document to PNM  for removal of existing digital Meters)

Here is a letter template to send to your Senators re: funding for Smart Meters.


Greetings friends and fellow community members,
A group of us who have been working to protect our community from smart meters have just discovered that our two senators representing New Mexico—-Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich—are presently in Washington at Senate meetings that involve voting on smart meter issues.
We have written them and sent them information documenting our concerns about the health, safety, and privacy issues surrounding smart meters.
They also need to hear from each of us individually—so that they realize that there are large numbers of concerned citizens in our community.
If you would like to help to stop smart meters, please do two simple things (that will take less than 5 minutes):
1)  Type your full name below after the words “Thank you,”
2)  Highlight and copy the paragraph below that begins “Dear Senator” and ends with your name.
3)  Click the link for each senator, fill out the personal information boxes.  Then click on the message box and paste the message you copied into the box.
4)  Hit send.
5)  Immediately forward this email to everyone you can think of who cares about stopping smart meters in our community—-remembering that most everyone we know does not want a smart meter on their home.
Thank you for your help!.  Please know that small things like this REALLY make a difference.  We must communicate with our legislators in order for them to know that issue is really important to us.
Senator Tom Udall
Senator Martin Heinrich
Dear Senator:
Please REMOVE any provisions, including section 2305, for Smart Meter/Smart Grid Programs from Senate Bill 2012.  We DO NOT want Congress to fund and implement a Smart Meter/Smart Grid surveillance system over our cities and communities.
We, the people are opposed to any funding for these invasive and dangerous devices and the harmful microwave grid which will be constructed as a result of the implementation of these programs.
Please remove all funding and provisions, section 2305, for a Smart Meter/Smart Grid system from S. 2012.   Please strike the federal smart meter/smart grid programs from S. 2012.
Thank you,


Go to the CAUS Facebook page:

Talk by Thomas Linzey to a Santa Fe audience on laying the ground for significant change via a Community Bill of Rights. This is a revolutionary movement that could totally change the playing field. A must watch !  Excuse the gritty video – it’s well worth the eye strain.



Great site that pretty much sums it up – great to send to legislators and other officials.

Here are two sites that have lots of information on the Smart Meter Issue worldwide.


smart water meter education network

This is a letter from a scientist that addressed the smart meter situation in a city in Iowa (around 10K population) which was similar to Silver City’s “roll-out”. The first link is to his resume (to establish his “credibility”) and the second link is to the actual letter, the last part, particularly, is succinct and, I feel, applicable to the situation here in New Mexico.



Here is a position statement by the ACLU (Vermont) re: Privacy issues and their stand on a citizen’s choice of having a smart meter:

One can also look up ACLU’s of different States. Here’s a few links that may be a good start:





Welcome to Smart Meter Free Silver City

Welcome to Smart Meter Free Silver City

Watch the video “Take Back Your Power” for an in-depth look at the many issues with smart meter technology. (scroll forward to 8:17 to the beginning of the actual video).
watch Take Back Your Power now

Whether your issue is with privacy, safety or health you need to look closely at the need to prevent this technology from infesting our community.

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